We provide high quality farm fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers across our outlets.

Fresh Fruit Mart LLC is a fresh fruits and vegetables wholesale and retail distributor over 20 years of qulitative and reputed experience in the market. Fresh Fruit Mart LLC has a very long list and history that contains thousand varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables from around the globe that is differentiated by excellent quality and attractive price. Customers can taste the quality of service and freshness of the fruits and vegetables in every order they receive.

Fresh Fruit Mart LLC covers choices of variety from east to west and north to south of the globe. It is known for its unique offering and supplying. Collectively we have about 150 people in our team. We have been trying continuously to build brand awareness since the first year of operations till now.

Service sectors

Fresh Fruit Mart LLC has more than 6 branches across the country U.A.E, we serve in the Abu Dhabi regional market about 20 years and our customers includes retail outlets, food service companies, schools, hotels, farm markets, restaurants, government institutions and organisations, hospitality service providers and other wholesale distributors.

Modern facility

The Fresh Fruit Mart LLC currently utilize its own 6 locations of outlets and warehouse space for it speed and often smart operation those are fully fabricated with modern equipment and facilities like refrigeration systems.

Fresh Fruit Mart LLC operates a fleet of refrigerated trucks to carry the products and delivery the order on time without any lose of freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables that Fresh Fruit Mart LLC guarantee to our customers.



Support farmers & society

Fresh Fruit Mart LLC is a proud supporter of local farmers and locally grown produce. We portion of our fruits and vegetables from local farms and green houses as seasonally available.


Fresh Fruit Mart LLC also the source of fresh fruits and vegetables from across carrying the finest brands available including: Chiquita, Christopher Ranch, Del Monte, Diamond, Dole, Unifriti, Zespri, Enza, Goldland, Etc.

Food safety and security

Fresh Fruit Mart LLC is highly sensible and aware about food safety and security. We often run the Food safety and security program as per the government regulatory instructions and in addition to that also to make sure as much as possible. This help us to train employees and make us qualify for certification annually and is part of the overall effort of the company towards deliver healthy and safe products to our customers.

Environmental responsibility

Fresh Fruit Mart LLC constantly strives to increase the company's energy efficiency and environmentally friendly.